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MR Rowland Mosbergen


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  • Rowland Mosbergen is the Project Manager and Lead Developer for the collaboration resource. Rowland has 17 years experience in IT while working in research, corporate financial software and small business. He graduated QUT in 1997 with a Bachelor of Engineering in Aerospace Avionics, then worked for GBST, a software company servicing the financial industry, where he worked with National Australia Bank and Merrill Lynch in their Margin Lending products for over 4 years. Rowland owned and ran a computer support business for over 5 years, then worked as a web developer for 2 years before joining the Wells laboratory as part of the Stemformatics team in 2010.

    Rowland’s experience in the commercial and private sectors gives him a solid understanding of customer-requirements when designing and implementing web resources. He has implemented scalable design solutions for database querying and data visualisation that services a growing research community. He is a key member of a diverse academic team that is product-focused with an emphasis on quality, responsiveness and customer usefulness. He prides himself on developing web environments that are fast, useful and intuitive. 

    Rowland helped to design the Stemformatics code-base to be flexible enough to handle multi-omics datasets, and while the application is aimed at the stem cell community, the fundamentals are suitable for any community-based data-visualisation environment. Stemformatics hosts and visualises a number of different data platforms including PCR arrays, microarrays, a variety of sequencing platforms, epigenetic data, proteomic data, miRNA, RNASeq, ChIPSeq and single cell transcriptomics. The Stemformatics website runs on NeCTAR nodes across Melbourne, Queensland and Sydney. Rowland and the Stemformatics team developed the datasharing platform for the International Project Grandiose consortium, hosting multi-omics data from laboratories across 4 continen   


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