DR Chris Culnane

DR Chris Culnane


  • Applied Cryptography
  • Cyber Security
  • Privacy
  • Verifiable Electronic Voting (Design and Implementation)



  • A key focus of my research is to develop theoretical security mechanisms into fully functional implementations of security systems. My recent research has been focussed on end-to-end verifiable voting schemes. Prior to starting at the University of Melbourne, I worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Surrey on the Trustworthy Voting Systems Project (TVS). The TVS Project resulted in the University of Surrey being contracted to design, develop and deploy an end-to-end verifiable election for Victorian Electoral Commission, as part of their vVote project. I was the technical lead, for the University of Surrey, on the vVote project, and led the design and implementation of the system. The system consisted of more than 25,000 lines of code and was successfully deployed as the Electronically Assisted Voting scheme in the Victorian state election, 2014. As part of the project we implemented a high scalable threshold web bulletin board, which involved the design and development of a new distributed consensus protocol that provides end-of-day byzantine fault tolerance.

    My current works focusses on the verifiable postal voting. I am also interested in applying the techniques and analyses from verifiable voting in the wider field of privacy.   


Member of

  • British Computer Society. Member 2005 -


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Education and training

  • PhD, University of Surrey 2010
  • MSc, University of Surrey 2006
  • BSc (Hons), University of Surrey 2005