DR Jeromey Temple

DR Jeromey Temple




  • Jeromey Temple is Associate Professor of Demography at CEPAR, and head of the Demography and Ageing Unit at the University of Melbourne. Temple is one of Australia’s few economic demographers and leads the Australian National Transfer Accounts (NTA) project. The NTA seeks to improve our understanding of the generational economy through documenting the economic lifecycle in a manner consistent with the system of National Accounts. The Australian NTA forms part of a large international effort with research teams on the NTA covering over 80 countries in the Asia-Pacific, Americas, Europe and Africa with a total population in excess of 6 billion people. Jeromey also works on a range of other research projects, mainly at the intersection of demography, economics and public policy – and their relationship to ageing at both the individual and population level. Jeromey holds a BA in Population Studies (first class hons), a B.Com and Ph.D in Demography all from the Australia National University (ANU).   


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Education and training

  • B.Com, Australian National University
  • PhD, Australian National University
  • B.A (Hons), Australian National University