DR Guangliang Wu

DR Guangliang Wu


  • Tectonics, Geodynamics, and Geology



  • I am a geologist/geophysicist. I use computational methods and geological/geophysical observations to study how the Earth evolves through time, especially its mountain belts, subduction systems, and sedimentary basins. I am particularly interested in the 1) origin and consequences of plate tectonics, mantle convection, and instabilities, 2) mechanics, geodynamics, and tectonic evolution of orogeny and postorogenic extension, 3) back-arc extension and its relationship with subduction and continental collision, 4) rheology of the crust and mantle, and 5) strain localization and development of shear zones in the crust and mantle.   



Education and training

  • Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin 2016