DR Anna Hurlimann

DR Anna Hurlimann


  • Planning for sustainability
  • Sustainable water resource management
  • Water alternatives
  • climate change adaptation



  • Dr Anna Hurlimann is a Senior Lecturer in Urban Planning at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Anna's teaching and research activities focus on issues of environmentally sustainable cities, with a particular research interest in the sustainable management of water resources and climate change adaptation.

    Anna has published widely and has been awarded a number of research grants from diverse organisations including: The Australian Research Council, the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment, The Cooperative Research Centre for Water Quality and Treatment, and from the University of Melbourne. Her projects investigate a diverse range of issues including: community attitudes to alternative water sources, planning policy to promote effective catchment management, an assessment of the social and equity outcomes of adaptation to sea level rise in Gippsland Victoria, education for sustainability, and curriculum development.



Member of

  • Institute of Australian Geographers. Member of the Institute of Australian Geographers 2014 -
  • Planning Institute of Australia. Member of the Planning Institute of Australia 2006 -
  • Australian Water Association. Member of the Australian Water Association 2002 -


Selected publications


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Additional Grant Information

  • Project: Sustainable adaptation to climate change in the urban water sector: 'Tapping' into the potential role of spatial planning - with Elizabeth Wilson
    Year: 2013-2014.  Source: Seed funding, the Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne.

    Project: Revealing Hidden Waters - Socio-cultural perspectives on water planning, management and practice: an inter-disciplinary study of water on the margins of Melbourne - with Fiona Miller, Annie Bolitho, Natalie Jamison and Kathryn Bowen
    Year: 2010.  Source Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute Grant Scheme.

    Project: Household use of alternative water sources in Victoria.
    Year: 2008-2009. Source: Department of Sustainability and Environment, Government of Victoria.

    Project: Development of a Model Framework for Curriculum Reinvigoration at the Program Level - with Dr Alan March, Ms Jennifer Robins and Associate Professor Roger Hadgraft
    Year: 2009.  Source: The University of Melbourne Provost Learning and Teaching Initiative 2009

    Project Water Futures For The Built Environment: Potential Of Sewer Mining - with Dr Dominique Hes
    Year 2007.  Source:  Melbourne Early Career Researcher Grant

    Project Sewer Mining: Establishing Benchmark Attitudes of Melbourne Office Workers to the Use of Recycled Water
    Year 2006.  Source University of Melbourne, Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning, Early Career Researcher Grant 



Education and training

  • GCUT, University of Melbourne 2009
  • PhD, University of South Australia 2006
  • BSc, University of Melbourne 2001

Awards and honors

  • Award for Planning Excellence - Cutting Edge Research and Teaching. For Equitable Outcomes in Adaptation to Sea Level Rise, Planning Institute of Australia Victoria, 2014



Available for supervision

  • Y

Supervision Statement

  • I am available to supervise PhD students who have an interest in researching urban sustainability, climate change adaptation and water management.