DR Danlu Guo

DR Danlu Guo




    • My key research interest is to understand the impact of various hydro-climatic conditions and processes on water resources systems through statistical modelling, which can provide critical knowledge to estimating the potential response of these systems to a changing climate.

      In achieving this, I am particularly interested in the following questions:
      1. How can various modelling decisions affect the obtained understanding of hydro-climatic impacts on water resources systems?
      2. How can we represent a comprehensive range of possible hydro-climatic conditions under a changing climate?
      3. How can we communicate the modelling results precisely, considering model limitations and uncertainties?

      Currently I am working with both the University of Melbourne and the University of New South Wales on multiple projects to investigate the impact of climate variability on water quality for both catchment health and public health interests.



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    Education and training

    • PhD, Adelaide University 2017



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