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DR Bridgette McNamara


  • Aboriginal Health (Aboriginal Child Health)
  • Data Linkage



  • Dr Bridgette McNamara is a Senior Research Fellow in the Indigenous Epidemiology and Health Unit, Centre of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Awarded her PhD in 2009, her postdoctoral research has examined the determinants of health and wellbeing among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across the life-course using total population linked health and administrative data and large cohort data.

    Bridgette has a PhD in Anatomy and Developmental Biology (2009) examining the morphology and pathology in the kidneys of Senegalese African and African Americans, and a Masters of Public Health in clinical epidemiology and biostatistics.

    Her research has involved the establishment of a number of epidemiological studies in the the areas of fetal growth and perinatal health outcomes, social and emotional wellbeing and physical functioning in older Aboriginal people and in child health outcomes.
    Dr McNamara is currently leading the Aboriginal child health research project Defying the Odds, investigating the impacts of family and community health and social risk factors and culturally-secure service availability on morbidity and mortality among Aboriginal children in WA in the first five years of life.


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Additional Grant Information

  • Grants
    ♣ NHMRC Project Grant (2015-2018) Defying the Odds (Aboriginal child morbidity and mortality in WA), CIA
    ♣ NHMRC Early Career Fellowship 2010-2014 (Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Research), CIA;
    ♣ NHMRC Project Grant (2011-2013) Western Australian Aboriginal Intergenerational Fetal growth Study (WAAIFS), CIB:   


Education and training

  • MPH, Monash University 2014
  • PhD, Monash University 2009
  • BA/BSc (Hons1), Monash University 2002