MISS Chloe Leach

MISS Chloe Leach


  • Coastal Geomorphology
  • Coasts
  • Numerical Modelling



  • Chloe is a coastal geomorphologist and numerical modeler who is interested in the medium- to long-term behaviour of coastal environments. She uses advanced modelling techniques to understand the role of driving environmental conditions in shaping the coastal system, including changing wave climate patterns and sea level rise. Understanding the response of coasts to changes in these conditions is key to predicting their future evolution and the potential impact this could have on enviro socioeconomic factors. Her current research forms part of the wider Victorian Coastal Monitoring Program (VCMP) and is focused on using innovative modelling techniques to predict the future morphodynamics of the Victorian coastline, south east Australia.   



Education and training

  • PhD, 2019
  • BSc, University of Chester 2013