DR Roger Dargaville

DR Roger Dargaville


  • Carbon emissions and energy (Energy efficiency, reducing emissions, climate change mitigation)
  • Electricity markets
  • Global Carbon Cycle modelling (Climate change, Greenhouse gases, gas transfer, CO2 fluxes, atmospheric inversions)
  • Modelling renewable energy systems
  • Simulating potential electrical output from wind and solar farms
  • Stratospheric Ozone (Atmospheric chemistry, Ozone hole, Antarctica, climate change)



  • Roger is an honorary fellow in the School of Earth Sciences. He specialises in large-scale energy system transition optimisation, and novel energy storage technologies such as seawater pumped hydro and liquid air energy storage. He has conducted research in global carbon cycle science, simulating the emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel and exchanges between the atmosphere, land and oceans as well as stratospheric ozone depletion. Roger leads a research group of PhD students working on a diverse range of energy related topics including disruptive business models, EROI, transmission systems, bioenergy, wave energy and high penetration rooftop photovoltaics systems. Roger completed his undergraduate and PhD at the University of Melbourne, as well as a Graduate Certificate in University Teaching. He has worked at Monash University, the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, the National Center for Atmospheric Research (USA) and at the Centre nationale de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) at UNESCO and the International Energy Agency. He is currently a senior lecturer at Monash University in the Civil Engineering Department.   


Member of

  • International Association for Energy Economics. General 2012 -
  • European Geophysical Union. General 2002 -
  • American Geophysical Union. General 1999 -
  • Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society. General 1996 -


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Education and training

  • GCUT, University of Melbourne 2014
  • PhD, University of Melbourne 1999
  • BSC HONS, University of Melbourne 1992



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