DR Tom Baker

DR Tom Baker


  • Carbon in forest and plantation biomass, litter and soil as affected by natural events and management practices
  • Development of soil acidity under agricultural systems
  • Distribution and cycling of nutrients in forests and plantations
  • Empirical modelling of plantation growth and yield
  • Growth and nutrient cycling responses to fertiliser application in softwood plantations
  • Growth and productivity in relation to soil factors and tree nutrition, and fertiliser responses, in eucalypt plantations
  • Impacts of fire and mechanical disturbance on nutrient availability in forest soils
  • Impacts of saline or nutrient-rich irrigation water on growth, nutrient uptake and soil properties in plantations
  • Process-based modelling of plantation growth, water-use and salinity impacts of plantations in catchments
  • Silvicultural management (pruning and thinning) of eucalypt plantations for high-value timber production



  • I have a total of 38 years research experience in native forest, plantation forest, and agriculture systems.

    Much of my research has been on tree nutrition and growth & yield in relation to site (e.g. soil nutrient availability, water holding capacity, salinity) and management (e.g. establishment/regeneration, silviculture) factors in forests and plantations.

    My research aims to improve primary industry and natural resource management outcomes, and necessarily in doing this engage with and communicate to stakeholders and end users on scientific, technical, applied, and policy matters. My senior roles have required setting research priorities, directing and leading multi-disciplinary research teams, development of resources to support research, and the associated management responsibilities.


Member of

  • Soil Science Australia. Member 1986 -
  • The Institute of Foresters of Australia. Member 1977 -


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Education and training

  • PhD, University of Melbourne 1982
  • BForSc (Hons), University of Melbourne 1977



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