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PROF Richard Saffery


  • Early Development & Disease, Cancer (Cancer Genetics, Depression, Diabetes, Familial Cancer, Genetics, Leukaemia, Tumour Biology)
  • Genetics & development (Cancer Epigenetics Stem Cell Chromatin Chromatin proteins Methylation, Human Mini Chromosomes,)



  • Group Leader and Senior Research Fellow, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, NHMRC RD Wright Fellow

    • NHMRC Grant funding since 2000 of $2.7 million, including over $450,000 as CIA
    • Peer reviewed grant support from other bodies of over $4M as Principal Investigator or Chief Investigator, including $260,000 recent Perpetual Foundation Grant (CIA)
    • Finalist (of two nationally) for a special Ramaciotti Foundation $1M initiative in 2007.
    • Continuing productive National and International research collaborations
    • Firmly established independent research profile and management role (currently 7 students, 2 post-docs, 3 research assistants and 4 research nurses).
    • Established international recognition in chromatin biology and emerging recognition in epigenetics research reflected by invitations to speak at International Conferences, including a recent plenary lecture.
    • Invited speaker at many National Conferences, and research institutes and universities



Selected publications


Additional Grant Information

  • Currently held grants:
    1. Investigators Richard Saffery
    Title/type #284562 - Chromosome analysis and production of Human Artificial Chromosomes (Biomedical CDA award)
    Period 2004-2008
    Funds $415,000
    2. Investigators KH Andy Choo, Lee Wong, Richard Saffery
    Title/type #384429 - The organization and function of DNA and protein components on human chromosomes (Project grant)
    Period 2006-2008
    Funds $447,000
    3. Investigators Jeff Craig, Richard Saffery, John Carlin
    Title/type #437016 - Environmental influences in the establishment of the epigenetic landscape in children (Healthy Start to Life Grant)
    Period 2007 (June)-2010 (June)
    Funds $667,000
    4. Investigators George Patton, Craig Olsson, Richard Saffery, Jeff Craig
    Title/type #437015 - Mental health across generations: Pre- and post-conception predictors of early life risks (Healthy Start to Life Grant)
    Period 2008-2011
    Funds $ 639,648
    5. Investigators Brian Dean, Elizabeth Scarr, Richard Saffery, Anthony Hannon
    Title/type #509333 - Studies on the expression of muscarinic receptors: Implications for the pathology of schizophrenia (Project grant)
    Period 2008-2010
    Funds $472,750

    Other Project Funding

    1. Investigators Andy Choo (CI), Lee Wong (AI), Richard Saffery (AI), Paul Kalitsis (AI), Jeff Craig (AI)
    Title Analysis and manipulation of human neocentromeres
    Period 2004-2008
    Funds USD350,000
    Source National Institutes of Health (USA)
    2. Investigators Andy Choo (CI), Richard Saffery (AI), Nick Wong (AI)
    Title/type Effects of Folate and DNA Methylation on Aneuploidy and Genomic Expression (Project grant)
    Period June 2006-2009
    Funds USD327,500
    Source March of Dimes (USA)
    3. Investigators Jeff Craig, Richard Saffery, Ruth Morley
    Title/type Monitoring environmental influence



Education and training

  • PhD, Monash University 2005
  • Bsc (hons), Monash University 1998



Available for supervision

  • Y