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Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies

Research on China, Chinese societies and Chinese economies in the 21st century
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The Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies was established at the Asia Institute in the Faculty of Arts in 2013, with a mission to facilitate high-quality China-related research, teaching and engagement at the University of Melbourne. The Centre strives for excellence in research and research training that furthers our understanding of China’s ongoing transformation and its implications within and beyond China. In supporting the University’s global engagement strategy, the Centre serves as a focal point for active collaboration with leading Chinese institutions, conducting interdisciplinary research and facilitating transnational education programs across academic divisions. At the launch of the Centre’s Strategic Plan 2020-2024, three priority research themes were identified: - Global China - Civil Society and Social Change - Agriculture, Water and Climate Change


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Dr Jennifer Day

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Prof Jia Gao

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A/Prof Andrew Godwin

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Prof Sun Sheng Han

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Dr Ester Leung

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A/Prof Delia Lin

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Prof Yongxian Luo

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A/Prof Fran Martin

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Dr Lewis Mayo

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Prof Anne McLaren

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A/Prof Claire Roberts

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Dr Sarah Rogers


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