Watch Episode 2: Climate Conversations: Opposing views or rising tides

Friday, Apr 9, 2021, 01:02 AM | Source: Pursuit

Linh Do, Jacqueline Peel, Richie Merzian, Luke Menzel, Anna Kosovac

US President Joe Biden is hosting an Earth Day Leader’s Summit on 22 April 2021 where he is expected to push major emitters to strengthen their commitments to reduce global warming.

As one of the highest emitters per capita in the world, the Australian Government is surely going to feel this pressure.

President Biden isn’t just talking either. Since coming to power he has recommitted the US to the Paris Climate Agreement, committed to an emissions-neutral energy sector by 2035, has paused fossil fuel subsidies and oil and gas exploration licenses on public land, and committed to switching the US Government’s car fleet to 100 per cent electric.

All of this is building to the COP 26 UN climate summit in Glasgow this coming November.

In Episode 2 of Climate Conversations, we look at how Australia can respond to this growing appetite for real climate solutions, through policy, but also business and grass roots actions.

WATCH: What options does Australia have to reframe climate change policy alongside the Biden Administration’s strong climate leadership? Video: University of Melbourne

Climate Conversations is a series of webinars from the University of Melbourne that will take place across 2020 and 2021. Each conversation will address the challenges and opportunities of climate change that we, as individuals or communities, have the capacity to address.

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