The Christmas Film Recommendables - Part 7

Friday, Dec 9, 2016, 04:40 AM | Source: The Conversation

Lauren Rosewarne

From a pleasingly plump funeral parlour make-up artist to murder, mayhem and melancholy in Belgium, five more suggestions to celebrate season in front of your screen.

31. One Special Night (1999)

The “one special night”, spent by two strangers in a vacant cabin, actually transpires at Thanksgiving, but Christmas later plays a pivotal role.

A tender film about reunions and forgiveness and fresh starts, with great performances from Julie Andrews and James Garner.

The full version is currently on YouTube.

One Special Night (1999) - trailer.

32. Away From Her (2006)

Continuing the theme of love in older life comes Sarah Polley’s moving film about Alzheimer’s. The role of Christmas is subtle but poignant, and Gordon Pinsent is notably stellar as the husband, Grant.

Away From Her (2006)

33. Babycakes (1989)

It’s Christmas and Grace (Ricki Lake) – mortician cosmetologist - takes some time off from the holidays to pursue a train driver she’s been eyeing at the subway. Sweet and subversive.

Babycakes (1989) - trailer.

34. In Bruges (2008)

Two hitmen are hiding over the Christmas period in the “fairtyale fucking town” of Bruges.

Overflowing with severely inappropriate comedy. With Brendan Gleeson (who, if you develop a soft spot for, you should seek out the excellent The Guard (2011)) and Colin Farrell who usually comes across as a bit of a dickhead, but is great in this.

In Bruges (2008) - trailer.

35. The Christmas Cottage (2007)

A ridiculously flattering biopic of the “artist” Thomas Kinkade. Art student, Kinkade (Jared Padalecki) goes home to save Christmas. Worth watching as a sweet Christmas story, but particularly entertaining after reading about Kinkade’s public urination. In this film, butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

The Christmas Cottage (2007) - trailer.

This post is an instalment from a 15-part series on my favourite Christmas films. The consolidated version - 75 Christmas Films Worth Watching - is now available.

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