The Christmas Film Recommendables - Part 12

Thursday, Dec 15, 2016, 01:47 PM | Source: The Conversation

Lauren Rosewarne

From a Lampington’s disease diagnosis to a Christmastime truce, welcome to Part 12 of my Christmas film suggestions.

56. A Perfect Day (2006)

Rob Lowe becomes a successful novelist and in the process allows his ego to consume him. In this loose riff on A Christmas Carol, Rob needs to find his humility.

For better, for worse, happening upon this film in a hotel room led me to thinking that writing a book about Christmas films might be interesting.

(If you develop a soft spot for Christmastime with Rob, can I also suggest: The Christmas Shoes (2002) and The Christmas Blessing (2005)).

A Perfect Day (2006) - clip.

57. Fitzwilly (1967)

Dick Van Dyk is a butler trying to hold together a destitute estate through scams and robberies. Kind of ridiculous, but sweet with some great 60s fashion and a very funny book project.

Barbara Feldon’s first credited film appearance.

Fitzwilly (1967) - trailer.

58. Silent Night (2002)

This apparently true story is one of a swag of World War II themed films set at Christmas films (think Stalag 17 (1953), I’ll Be Home for Christmas (1988), A Midnight Clear (1992), and Christmas Truce (2015)).

This one centres on a German woman (Linda Hamilton) and her young son who take in some friend-and-foe soldiers. For one night, grievances are put aside as they group share a makeshift Christmas feast.

No trailer, but you can watch it online.

Silent Night (2002) - full movie.

59. Last Holiday (2006)

A surprisingly enjoyable remake of a British film of the same name. Georgia (Queen Latifah) is told she has only weeks to live. Convinced she’s being underliving, she cashes her chips in and flies out, on Christmas Day, to the Czech Republic to takes up residence in a posh hotel.

A good Christmas rom-com pick.

Last Holiday (2006) - trailer.

60. A Gert Lush Christmas (2015)

A British comedy in the vein of the wonderful Australian series A Moody Christmas (2012) about a son (Russell Howard) taking his girlfriend (Hannah Britland) home for the first-time.

Bawdy British humour and interactions that remind me much more of my only family Christmases than any American offering.

A Gert Lush Christmas (2015) - trailer.

This post is an instalment from a 15-part series on my favourite Christmas films. The consolidated version - 75 Christmas Films Worth Watching - is now available.

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