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Hemanta Doloi

Construction Management & Techn
Social value model
Smart community
Socio-economic data
Smart villages development
smart governance
Social benefits in infrastructure planning and development
rural community empowerment
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Hemanta Doloi

Architecture, Building And Planning
Primary Interest
Multicriteria And Fuzzy Preference Modelling
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Hemanta Doloi


Having trained in Civil Engineering and with over six year of industry experience with a multi-national construction company, Dr Doloi contributed extensively in research and teaching in the areas of Project Management, Infrastructure Planning and Policy and Construction Economics and Management. His research resulted in the establishment of a new project management concept known as Life Cycle Project Management (LCPM) empowering optimal decision making across project life cycle.

Dr Doloi is at the forefront of conducting numerous empirical and conceptual research in vast areas of construction and project management including project failures and success, risks and uncertainty minimisation and quantification of social sustainability and value creation in capital projects. His research efforts have contributed to the advanced modelling techniques and big data analytics for developing capacity in housing, infrastructure support and community development. Focusing on the rural infrastructure planning and development, Dr Doloi currently leads the "Smart Villages Program" at the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning. Being a founding director of the Smart Villages Lab (SVL), Dr Doloi emphasises on the empirical research for developing policies in the areas of affordable housing, smart governance and need-based development focusing on rural and regional community. Dr Doloi is the founding Chair of the International Conference on Smart Villages and Rural Development (COSVARD) for bringing together academia, industry practitioners and policy makers from around the globe for exchanging ideas and developing capacity for rural community empowerment. So far, Dr Doloi has published over 200 research papers in reputable peer reviewed journals and conferences in Construction Management and Engineering internationally. In addition, Dr Doloi is the lead author of the book "Planning, Housing and Infrastructure for Smart Villages" published by Routledge, UK in 2019. Dr. Doloi is widely consulted for corporate training courses on project risk management, project scheduling and control, project financial analysis and project management fundamentals leading to professional qualifications such as PMP in the corporate world. In 2012, Dr Doloi's outstanding contribution into research and teaching has been recognised by honouring him the nationally competitive "Infinite Value Award in Research and Teaching" by the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS). Currently, Dr Doloi serves in the International Editorial Board of the International Journal of Project Management and in the Editorial Board of the Built Environment Project and Asset Management Journal.


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International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment, Vol. 8 Issue: 1, pp.5-26,

Emerald Publishing Outstanding Paper award


Built Environment Project and Asset Management, Vol. 7 Issue: 1, pp.32-44,

Emerald Publishing Outstanding Paper award


Developing collaboration with University College London

Dyason Fellowship, The University of Melbourne


Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) International Research Conference held on 10-12 Sept 2013 in New Delhi, India

Best Academic Paper Award in RICS Research conference 2013, New Delhi, India


AIQS Infinite Value Award in Research and Teaching


Best Academic Paper Award in 36th AUBEA conference 2011, Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia


Urban Design


Australian Postdoctoral Fellow (APD), ARC Discovery Project (DP0450191)


Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) Scholarship for PhD


Government of Denmark Masters Scholarship through Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand





Construction Management & Techn

Architecture, Building And Planning

International Editorial Board Member

International Journal of Project Management

Editorial Board

Built Environment Project and Asset Management Journal

Member Of The International Advisory Board Of The International Conference On Project Management


Member Of The Paper And Scientific Committee (Psc) Of The International Conference On Project Management



Engineers Australia

Advisory Member Of The Editorial Board Of The Journal Of Project Management Of The Taiwanese Project Management Association

Taiwanese Project Management Association


Graduate Certificate in University Teaching (GCUT)

University of Melbourne

Doctor of Philosophy

University of Sydney

Master of Engineering

Asian Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering)

Jorhat Engineering College, Dibrugarh University