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Jenny Gunnersen

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Jenny Gunnersen

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Jenny Gunnersen


Dr Jenny Gunnersen received her BSc(Hons) in Marine Biochemistry from James Cook University in 1986 and her PhD from the University of Melbourne in 1994. In her first post-doctoral position, she worked with Michael Sendtner in Würzburg, Germany investigating trophic factors for motoneuron survival and regeneration.

In 1998, Jenny was awarded an NHMRC Howard Florey Centenary Fellowship and worked with Seong-Seng Tan in the Brain Development Group at the Howard Florey Institute. During her Fellowship, Jenny utilized emerging gene expression profiling techniques to obtain the first molecular inventory of the developing cortex and produced gene knockout mouse models to determine functional roles for some of the novel genes identified.

In 2011, Jenny moved to the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience at the University of Melbourne as a Senior Lecturer and Head of the Neuron Development and Plasticity Laboratory. Her work, funded by the NHMRC, is focussed on:
(i) the molecular and cellular mechanisms controlling synapse development;
(ii) synapse loss in the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s disease and how this might be slowed or prevented;
(iii) synapse formation/strengthening and how these processes contribute to the pathology of psychostimulant abuse and neuropathic pain.

Funding: Dr Gunnersen’s research has been continuously funded by the NHMRC through 7 Project grants since 2005 (6 as CIA, 1 as CIB), totaling >$4.2 million.

Selected publications:
Zhu K, Xiang X, Filser S, Marinković P, Dorostkar MM, Crux S, Neumann U, Shimshek DR, Rammes G, Haass C, Lichtenthaler SF, Gunnersen JM*, Herms J* (2017) BACE1 inhibition impairs synaptic plasticity via Seizure Protein 6. Biol Psychiatry 2016 Dec 26. pii: S0006-3223(16)33157-2. [Epub ahead of print]. *Equal senior authors.

Simon CM*, Rauskolb S*, GUNNERSEN JM*, Holtmann B, Drepper C, Dombert B, Braga M, Wiese S, Jablonka S, Pühringer D, Zielasek J, Hoeflich A, Silani V, Wolf E, Kneitz S, Sommer C, Toyka KV, Sendtner M (2015) Dysregulated IGFBP5 expression causes axon degeneration and motoneuron loss in diabetic neuropathy. Acta Neuropathologica 130:373-87. *Equal first authors.

Li SS, Qu Z, Haas M, Ngo L, Heo YJ, Kang HJ, Britto JM, Cullen HD, Vanyai HK, Tan SS, Chan-Ling T, Gunnersen JM, Heng JI (2016) The HSA21 gene EURL/C21ORF91 controls neurogenesis within the cerebral cortex and is implicated in the pathogenesis of Down Syndrome. Sci Rep 6:29514.

Evin, GMJ, Fuller SJ, GUNNERSEN JM (2015) BACE inhibition as a therapeutic strategy for Alzheimer’s disease. Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research – Alzheimer Disorders. Vol. 3, Chapter 4 pp. 135-230. Series Editor Atta-ur-Raahman. Bentham Science Publishers. ISSN: 2214-5168.

Hammond VE*, GUNNERSEN JM*, Goh CP, Low LH, Hyakumura T, Tang MM, Britto JM, Putz U, Howitt JA, Tan SS (2014) Ndfip1 Is required for the development of pyramidal neuron dendrites and spines in the neocortex. Cereb Cortex 24:3289-300. *Equal first authors.

GUNNERSEN JM, Kim MH, Fuller SJ, De Silva M, Britto JM, Hammond VE, Davies PJ, Petrou S, Faber ESL, Sah P, Tan SS (2007) Sez-6 proteins affect dendritic arborization patterns and excitability of cortical pyramidal neurons. Neuron 56:621-639.

Wiese S*, Digby MR*, GUNNERSEN JM, Gotz R, Pei G, Holtmann B, Lowenthal J, Sendtner M (1999) The anti-apoptotic protein ITA is essential for NGF-mediated survival of embryonic chick neurons. Nature Neurosci 2:978-983. *Equal first authors.


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