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David Nolan

Associate Professor
Journalism; Practice; Media Theory
Media Theory; Social and Political Theory; Politics and Governance; Representation; Governmentality.
Journalism; practice; regulation; institutions; political economy; news culture.
social sciences
social media
social science
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David Nolan

Primary Interest
Media Production
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David Nolan


Dr David Nolan is Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications. His work focuses on journalism studies and the changing role played by media in social and political relations.

Among his current research projects is work that focuses on the problem of understanding contemporary change in journalism in an historical light; critical analysis of media transformation in contemporary China; and the role performed by media in the politics and practice of contemporary humanitarianism. David also recently led a Centre for Advancing Journalism research project focussing, through critical media analysis and a practically oriented intervention, on the question of how media representations of Sudanese Australians might be improved. His work has been publishes in numerous leading international journals, and he is also on the editorial board of the journal Communication, Politics and Culture.

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Associate Professor

Culture And Communication


Doctor of Philosophy

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Arts in Drama (First Class Honours)

The University of Manchester

Bachelor of Arts in English (2:1 Honours)

The University of Manchester