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Sabine Kasel

Senior Rersearch Fellow (Landscape Vulnerability)
science & technology
life sciences & biomedicine
environmental sciences & ecology
land-use change
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Sabine Kasel

Primary Interest
Forest Ecology & Resilience
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Sabine Kasel


In 1999 I completed my PhD on ‘The decline of Eucalyptus camphora and E. ovata within the Yellingbo State Nature Reserve, Victoria’.

This project set out to identify and characterize the key processes in nutrient cycling and in water availability and uptake in riparian Eucalyptus communities, and to quantify their capacity to cope with changes in nutrient and water inputs brought about by changes in land management. From 2000 to 2002 I worked as a post-doctoral research fellow within the Centre for Environmental Management at Central Queensland University. During this time I completed a number of projects concerned with the conservation and rehabilitation of forested landscapes surrounding large industry. In 2002 I joined the Victorian Government Department of Sustainability and Environment where I was employed to lead research activities associated with the re-establishment of native vegetation to 2,000 ha of former pine plantations in NE Victoria. I joined the University of Melbourne in August 2004 where I research ecosystem processes in the context of forest landscape restoration. More recently I have also been investigating the effects of management and climate change on the vulnerability and resilience of native forests.

I teach into the Master of Forest Ecosystem Science where I co-cordinate the subject Ecological Restoration.

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Senior Rersearch Fellow (Landscape Vulnerability)

Ecosystem And Forest Sciences



The University of Western Australia

Bachelor Science (Hons)

University of Melbourne