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George Patton

Professorial Fellow
Paediatrics Royal Children'S Hospital
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life sciences & biomedicine
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George Patton

Medicine, Dentistry And Health Sciences
Primary Interest
Global epidemiology of adolescent health
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George Patton


George Patton is the Professor of Adolescent Health Research with the University of Melbourne. He is a Senior Principal Research Fellow with NH&MRC.

His group has undertaken studies ranging from the sociological to biological. They include the Gatehouse Project, a trial of promoting social inclusion in Victorian schools, the development of large scale surveys to document patterns of child and youth development and leading long-term cohort studies of adolescent health and development. He has advised WHO, UNICEF, the World Bank and the UN on adolescent health and development and has chaired AIHWs advisory groups on 'A picture of Australia's children' and 'Young Australians, their health and well-being'. He has over 300 publications that include over 200 peer reviewed papers.

Research focus
George Patton's research is focussed on the interface of epidemiology with the biological sciences on the one hand social sciences on the other. They include the following:
1. Long-term longitudinal studies such as 'The Victorian Adolescent Health Cohort Study' a major international study addressing many aspects of adolescent health and its consequences later in life. This study has ranged from risk factors for chronic disease in later life (tobacco use, alcohol and illicit drug use, obesity), mental health and sexual and reproductive health. Other long term studies include the International Youth Development Study, a major international cohort with a focus on social determinants of health during the adolescent years and the National Longitudinal Study of Male Health.
2. Study of the effects of adolescent health and lifestyle on the health and well-being of offspring. This is an internationally unique study of over 1000 babies born to parents who participated in a cohort study from the teens.
3. The CATS study of the effect of puberty on patterns of health, emotional well-being and health risk. This large community based study is commencing in 2012 in 2000 grade 4 students who we will follow through until the end of puberty.
4. Genetic association studies in early onset behavioural and mental disorders.
5. Trials of community-based interventions including the Gatehouse Project. The principal findings of this study demonstrated not only the influence of the school social environment on health but also the scope for effectively intervening. The study is being replicated in work in Canada and the UK>
6. Trials of the effectiveness of primary health care in young people and the scope for promoting youth friendly care at the Royal Children's Hospital.
7. Large community surveys of adolescent health status and the social determinants of health in this age group
8. The first global studies of mortality and disease burden for the adolescent and young adult years. This includes the first description of global adolescent health down to a country level.


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