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Cathy Humphreys

Professor In Social Work
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Cathy Humphreys

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Children In Out Of Home Care
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Cathy Humphreys


Cathy Humphreys is Professor of Social Work at University of Melbourne. For five years she held the Alfred Felton Chair of Child and Family Welfare, a professorship established in collaboration with the Alfred Felton Trust, the Department of Social Work at University of Melbourne and The Centre for Excellence for Child and Family Welfare in Victoria, the peak body for vulnerable children, youth and family organistations in Victoria.

A partnership between The Centre, community sector organisations and University of Melbourne continues to support research collaboration and implementation.

In 2015 the Melbourne Alliance to End Violence Against Women and Their Children (MAEVe) was established. Cathy Humphreys and Professor Kelsey Hegarty are co-directors of this Alliance drawing together academics from across University of Melbourne who are active in research in this area.

A multi-million dollar program of research in the areas of domestic and family violence and out of home care has been sustained since 2006 and supported through eight Australian Research Council grants and numerous other grants from government, philanthropy and community sector organisations. Developing the knowledge base to support practice and policy developments in the areas of domestic and family violence, as well as that of vulnerable children in out of home care drive the research program.

Cathy worked as a social work practitioner in the mental health, domestic violence, and children, youth and families sector for 16 years before becoming a social work academic. She worked at University of Warwick in the UK for 12 years prior to returning to Australia.


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