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Jillian Walliss

Assocate Professor In Landscape Architecture
Landscape Architecture and Urban Design
Design Studio
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Jillian Walliss

Architecture, Building And Planning
Primary Interest
Constructions of Nature and Nationalism
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Jillian Walliss


Jillian’s research focuses on the relationship between theory, technology, culture and contemporary design practice. She has published extensively in international journals and edited books including Space and Culture, LA +, Environment & History, Museum & Society, Landscape Review, Architecture Theory Review, and the Journal of Landscape Architecture (JoLA).

She has led major collaborative research projects involving international institutions and prominent design and engineering practices. The research project Landscape Architecture and Digital Technologies: reconceptualising design and making involved eleven international design practices and academics from the GSD (Harvard), the University of Toronto, ETH Zurich, the University of Virginia and the University of Pennsylvania. The subsequent book, co-authored with Dr Heike Rahmann has been critically acclaimed by practice and academia. The book was nominated in the top 10 book of Landscape Architecture for 2016 (internationally), received favourable reviews in Australian, American and European landscape architecture journals and design blogs and was recognised by an Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) Vic Award for Research Excellence.Jillian contributes widely to the intellectual development of the landscape architecture profession in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. In 2017 she was invited (in collaboration with Dr Rahmann and Ricky Ray Ricardo) to guest edit a themed edition of Landscape Architecture Australia titled ‘Embracing the Asian Century.’ Working with the lens of education, practice and discourse, the edition brought together a range of academic and practice voices, generations and locations including Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Cambodia and Australia. This work is now being developed into an edited book which documents the emerging body of contemporary Asian landscape architecture. In 2019 Jillian was appointed co-creative director of the International Festival of Landscape Architecture to be held in Melbourne in October. As part of this role she has been instrumental in developing the Future Park Design Ideas competition which explores new open space futures for Melbourne 2050.


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Honours, Awards and Fellowships


AILA Vic Award: Research, Policy and Communication

Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture


AILA Vic Award of Excellence: Research, Policy and Communication

Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture


Edward Brown Award for Teaching, University of Melbourne Awards for Excellence 2011


Universitas 21 Fellowship


Faculty Teaching Excellent Award

Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning


National Merit Award Planning Studies: Millers Point Landscape Strategy

Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture


National Merit Award Special Intiatives: Aboriginal Housing Programme

Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture





Assocate Professor In Landscape Architecture

Architecture, Building And Planning

Registered Member

Australian Institute of Landscape Architects


Doctor of Philosophy

The Australian National University

Master of Design

University of Tasmania

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

University of New South Wales