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Richard Dowell

Graeme Clark Chair In Audiology & Speech Science
cochlear implants
child development
Balance and dizziness
science & technology
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Richard Dowell

Medicine, Dentistry And Health Sciences
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Hearing loss
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Richard Dowell


Contributions to the research field

Professor Dowell is the Director of the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital Cochlear Implant Clinic and holds the Chair in Audiology and Speech Science at the University of Melbourne. Prof Dowell is also a key scientist with the Hearing Cooperative Research Centre (2008-2014).

He has been involved in clinical work and research in cochlear implants for over 30 years. Some of his most significant achievements have included studies leading to the development of signal processing improvements for cochlear implants; the establishment of the first cochlear implant clinic at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital in 1986; key contributions to the FDA approval of cochlear implants for adults (1985) and children (1990); initiation of the transition of the Graduate Diploma in Audiology (one year) training in clinical audiology to a two year Masters degree across Australia (1998); and development of professional training in speech pathology at the University of Melbourne (2011).

10 career best publications

Dowell RC, Martin LFA, Tong YC, Clark GM, Seligman PM and Patrick JF. A 12-consonant confusion study on a multiple channel cochlear implant patient. J Sp Hear Res 25: 509-516 (1982)

Tong YC Dowell RC, Blamey PJ and Clark GM. Two component hearing sensations produced by two electrode stimulation in the cochlea of a totally deaf patient. Science 219: 993-994 (1983)

Dowell RC, Martin LFA, Clark GM and Brown AM. Results of a preliminary clinical trial on a multiple channel cochlear prosthesis. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol 94: 244-250 (1985)

Dowell RC, Seligman PM, Blamey and Clark GM - Evaluation of a two-formant speech processing strategy for a multichannel cochlear prosthesis. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol Suppl 128, 96: 132-133 (1987)

Staller SJ, Dowell RC, Beiter AL and Brimacombe JA. Perceptual abilities of children with the Nucleus 22-channel cochlear implant. Chapter 4 in The Nucleus 22 channel cochlear implant in children. Ear and Hearing, Suppl. 12(4): 34-47 (1991)

Dowell RC, Blamey PJ and Clark GM. The potential and limitations of cochlear implants in children. Annals of Otol Rhinol Laryngol. 104 (suppl 166): 324-327 (1995)

Dowell RC and Cowan RSC. Evaluation of benefit: Infants and children. Chapter 12 in Clark GM, Cowan RSC and Dowell RC (Eds.) Cochlear Implantation for infants and children: advances Singular Publishing Group. San Diego. (1997)

Dowell R.C., Dettman S.J., Blamey P.J., Barker E.J. and Clark G.M. Speech perception in children using cochlear implants: prediction of long term outcomes Cochlear Implants International 3(1): 1-18 (2002).

Dowell R.C., Hollow R. and Winton E. Outcomes for cochlear implant users with significant residual hearing: implications for selection criteria in children. Archives of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery 130: 575-581. (2004)

Dowell, R. Evaluating cochlear implant candidacy: recent developments. The Hearing Journal 58(11) 9-23 (2005)


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