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Liz Sonenberg

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Computational modelling of Human problem solving
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Liz Sonenberg

The University Of Melbourne
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Multi-agent systems-collaboration and teamwork
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Liz Sonenberg


I am a professor in the School of Computing and Information Systems and also hold two half-time roles in Chancellery. As Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Infrastructure and Systems) in Chancellery Research and Enterprise, I have responsibility for policy frameworks regarding the planning of university-wide research infrastructure.

As Pro Vice-Chancellor (Digital and Data) in Chancellery Administration and Finance, I have oversight of digital and data strategy, standards and governance for the University.

The integrating theme of my research is the conceptualisation and construction of more adaptive, distributed, and intelligent information systems. Much of the work focuses on agent technology, which views a distributed system in terms of interacting autonomous software entities. Using the agent metaphor can allow system developers to adopt a level of abstraction in design that is useful for modelling complex tasks and environments, and in building software systems that are robust in the face of change and unexpected events. An important aspect of the research is the requirement of the human-machine interface and consequent implications for the development of computational mechanisms to support decision-making in complex settings. My current research focus is on the design of software tools that support human-automation teams (ie teams comprised of software agents, robots and humans), in coordinating and collaborating in complex changing environments.


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