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Ian Gordon

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Ian Gordon

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Ian Gordon


I am the Director of the Statistical Consulting Centre in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. I'm passionate about the application of sound statistical ideas and methods to deal with real problems of science and society.

I have worked on a wide range of projects, well over 1,000, and worked alongside researchers in disciplines from music therapy to engineering, from ornithology to cardiac surgery. The work I've done has had strong impact from time to time. I gave evidence on epidemiological matters in a class action regarding the use of surgical mesh and tape, for women with prolapse or stress urinary incontinence; the judge cited my written and oral evidence many times in her judgment. I assisted the legal firm representing young men of African origin who brought a case of alleged racial profiling against Victoria Police. I have supervised Masters and PhD students, been a Chief Investigator on several national competitive grants, and published about 85 refereed papers; my h-index is 29, and I have a large number of co-authors from within the University and internationally. I made a major contribution to the design and analysis of a randomised trial for preventing falls in the elderly; the trial has been influential in shaping policy around the world, and the associated journal article has over 350 citations. I have developed and delivered many subjects, both within the University curriculum, and as tailored training for companies and government departments. I care deeply about clear and effective communication of statistical information in all I do. An innovative subject I developed from scratch with my colleague Sue Finch, "Critical thinking with data", has been successfully delivered to hundreds of students, over a total period of more than a decade.

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