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Catherine Falk

Melbourne Conservatorium Of Music
funeral ritual; sung poetry; free multiple reed instruments
performing arts and creative writing
social sciences
cultural studies
ethnic studies
government & law
political science
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Catherine Falk

Fine Arts And Music
Primary Interest
Music of the Hmong people
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Catherine Falk


Catherine Falk studied ethnomusicology at Monash University. Her doctoral research concerned the village music of West Java (1981).

She was Dean of the Faculty of Music at the University of Melbourne 2006-2009 and Head of the School of Music 2009. She introduced ethnomusicology subjects to the (former) Melbourne State College in 1976. She was Head of the Department of Music at the Melbourne College of Advanced Education and the Institute of Education 1986-93, and established performance of non-western music programs, particularly gamelan, at the Melbourne campus (1979). Professor Falk is the Chair of the Academic Programs Committee.

Her recent research concerns the music of migrants and migration, especially the music of the Hmong people. Current research focuses on musical ethnography in cyberspace and the history of Asian music in Australia.


Professor Falk teaches the following undergraduate and Honours subjects:
•Musics of the World
•Music in Indigenous Societies
•In the Groove
•The Ethnography of Music
•Ethnomusicology Professional Project: Field and Laboratory

Graduate Supervision

Recently completed Doctoral research in ethnomusicology at the University of Melbourne includes:
•“Hwun hwun jon ka (“Listen”): Kam Villagers Singing Big Song in Early Twenty-First-Century China.” (Catherine Ingram)
•“From Alam Melayu to Melayu Baru: Understanding Dikir Barat in Singapore. “ (Cally Brennan)
•“Subterranean sounds and reverberations of dissent. Identity and expression in Tehran’s unofficial rock music scene.”(Bronwen Robertson)

Current supervision includes:
Ian Forward (PhD) "A northern sensibility in a southern Land. Musical activity and identity of Finns in Australia. "
Adam Thwaites (PhD) “Uyghur Music in Urumchi, Xinjiang, China.”
Siobhan Motherway (PhD)“ The creation and navigation of music in museums.”
Matt Holmes ( PhD, Arts) “Soundscapes of childhood: material memories of Australian children’s music recordings.”
Gelareh Abdollah Pour (M Mus) “ The lives of Iranian women musicians in diaspora.”
Sytske Hillenius (M Mus)“Bush dance music of Tasmania. A recent social and cultural history of live music played for dancing.”
Maddy Macfarlane ( M Mus) “ Community radio content creation and authorship: collaborative music documentaries for Australian community radio.”

Scholarly Works

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