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Jeanette Hoorn

Culture And Communication
Modern European and Australian art
Pastoral narratives in Australian art
Racial and gender discrimination
Orientalism in painting and film
Australian Indigenous and non-Indigenous art and film
art theory and criticism
arts & humanities
social sciences
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Jeanette Hoorn

Primary Interest
Australian Indigenous art and film
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Jeanette Hoorn



Professor Hoorn is an art historian, curator and film scholar who specializes in Australian and European art and film. Her research and teaching has dealt especially with issuing emanating from gender and race discrimination.

Currently a professorial fellow, she has been Director of Gender Studies and an Associate-Dean EO in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne. Professor Hoorn is an expert on race and gender discrimination in art and film. Sexing the Canvas: Art and Gender, a massive open on-line course filmed at the Museum of Modern Art New York, the Huntington Library, Pasadena and National Gallery of Victoria has appeared continuously on the Coursera platform since 2014

Professor Hoorn has published nine books and many articles in the fields of Eighteenth and Nineteenth British and French Academic painting; Gender and Orientalism; Darwinian theory in film and painting; Australian Pastoralism; Australian Indigenous art; Gendering of Modernism in Australian art; Portraiture; Europe’s Civilizing Mission in film. She is an expert in the area of British and French colonial cultures in Australia, the Pacific and Africa.

Her current research interests include apartheid and exclusion in contemporary indigenous Australia; representations of plant and animal extinction in Australian art; Orientalism in Australian visual and literary cultures.

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Culture And Communication


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