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Julia Sarant

Principal Research Fellow
Audiology And Speech Pathology
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Julia Sarant

Medicine, Dentistry And Health Sciences
Primary Interest
Associations between hearing loss and other variables in epidemiological studies
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Julia Sarant


Julia Sarant is an Associate Professor in the Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology, Melbourne School of Health Sciences. She has been conducting clinical research with children and adults with hearing loss for over 25 years.

At the beginning of her career she was a member of Graeme Clark’s team developing the world’s first multi-channel cochlear implant.

Julia's main current research is focused on exploring the relationship between hearing loss and cognitive decline in older adults. It is known that there is a significant correlation between hearing loss and a decline in cognitive function in the elderly. Julia is currently leading two studies in this area:
1. investigating the effect of remediation of severe-profound hearing loss with cochlear implants on cognitive function in older adults (Australian Research Council Linkage grant)
2. investigating the effect of remediation of hearing loss with hearing aids on cognitive function in older adults (Industry funding; Sonova AG, Switzerland)
Julia is also conducting collaborative research with The University of Newcastle, investigating the relationships between hearing loss and various physiological and lifestyle factors in their Hunter Valley Community study of aging. Julia is also a chief investigator on an ARC linkage grant investigating the effect of the communicative environment on early communicative and cognitive development in children who receive cochlear implants at an early age, a study targetting a critical period for language during which the foundations are established, and investigating the impact of the communicative environment prior to and following a CI on the communicative development of young children with severe to profound hearing loss, through investigating the impact of being raised in an environment in which sign language (a visual language) is used and use of gesture encouraged prior to and following implantation, compared to an environment in which spoken language is the focus and no sign language is used.
Julia is also a chief investigator on a study entitled Educational Support for Students Who Are Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing: Policy, Practice and Outcomes Research Project, funded by the Department of Education and Training.
Julia recently completed a 5-year prospective multi-centre Australian Research Council Linkage Project (2009-2014) investigating broader outcomes of bilateral versus unilateral cochlear implants for children with impaired hearing. This study provided some of the first data worldwide comparing the effects of an additional cochlear implant on language, psychosocial and educational outcomes for children with severe-profound hearing loss, resulting in government funding policy changes in New Zealand and changes to clinical management around the world.

Julia has authored over 80 scholarly works - 47 papers in peer-reviewed international scientific journals, 8 book chapters, 24 published proceedings and 73 conference presentations, including an invited presentation to UNESCO. She is an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Audiology, an International Expert on the Rochester Institute of Technology National Technical Institute for the Deaf website, and a member of the Deafness Foundation. She holds an appointment at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital as an Honorary Clinical Researcher.


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Principal Research Fellow

Audiology And Speech Pathology

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