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Lucio Naccarella

Principal Research Fellow - Health Workforce
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Lucio Naccarella

Medicine, Dentistry And Health Sciences
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Health services research evaluation
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Lucio Naccarella


I am health services researcher and evaluator with a focus on four key areas, including: 1) Building evaluation capability within public sector organisations;2) Evaluating health workforce models of care and development;3) Evaluating population health, health literacy and community based professional development initiatives; and4) Researching health care facility design to optimise the health care workforce.I have worked on public sector funded (category 2 and 3) projects, evaluating and building health program evaluation capacity of external organisations (e.g., Diabetes Victoria; Primary Care Partnerships etc) in multiple policy priority areas including: primary care, health promotion, cancer care, population health, health literacy, health workforce models of care and professional development, and more recently on the nexus between health workforce and health care systems design. Since successfully completing my PhD in 2006 on a topic of growing importance - an original empirical study of General Practitioner work-related relationships informed by a network approach, I have been on an upward career trajectory as demonstrated by winning three career development awards (2007 Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute Linkage & Exchange Travelling Fellowship; 2008 University of Melbourne Early Career Researcher Award; and 2010 – 2014 NHMRC Postdoctoral Training Fellowship).I have made a whole of career commitment to an interdisciplinary academic practice as demonstrated by having had multiple strategic joint appointments and consistently working with colleagues from other disciplines.

In 2016 I received a University of Melbourne Hallmark Ageing Research Initiative seeding grant to lead an interdisciplinary research team from: the Melbourne School of Design, Swinburne School of Design, Centre for Workplace Leadership; National Ageing Research Institute; and a Residential Aged Care Facility, culminating in a submission of a $1.3m Dementia and Aged Care grant in December 2016 (outcome known May 2017). I have had multiple joint appointments including; 2011- 2012 - General Practice Victoria and the Australian Health Workforce Institute, The University of Melbourne; 2005 – 2006 - Department of Public Health and Department of General Practice, at The University of Melbourne; and 1996 – 2002 - Centre for Health Program Evaluation and the Department of General Practice at The University of Melbourne.


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Honours, Awards and Fellowships


Primary Health Care Research Conference / Australian Journal of Primary Health Research Paper


European Healthcare Design Conference Design Research Paper


European Healthcare Design Conference - Highly Commended Design Research Award


Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute International Visiting Fellowship Program- Prof Jody Gittell


NHMRC Postdoctoral Australian based Primary Health Care Training Fellowship (2010- 2014) – Workforce Planning in Australian Primary Health Care


The University of Melbourne Knowledge Transfer Visiting Scholar Award. Professor James Buchan, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom


The University of Melbourne, Early Career Researcher Award. Optimising Australia’s primary care workforce reforms via primary care organisations


Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute, International Visiting Fellowship. Professor James Buchan, Queen Margaret University Edinburgh


Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute, Linkage & Exchange Travelling Fellowship to the UK.


The University of Melbourne Knowledge Transfer Visiting Scholar Award. Professor Nicholas Mays, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK


Victorian Department of Human Services Public Health Awards (runner up) Evaluation of the Well for Life Program


NHMRC PhD Postgraduate Primary Health Care Scholarship


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Principal Research Fellow - Health Workforce

Melbourne School Of Population And Global Health


Doctor of Philosophy

University of Melbourne

Graduate Diploma Mental Health Sciences

University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Science (honours)

Adelaide University