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Salvatore Pepe

Paediatrics Royal Children'S Hospital
Agents regulating post-injury and other adaptive remodelling
Fetal & Neonatal Development
cardioprotective therapies
Preterm Birth
cardiopulmonary bypass support
Adult aging/senescence
heart transplantation
cardiac complications of genetic disorders and cancer therapy
science & technology
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Salvatore Pepe

Medicine, Dentistry And Health Sciences
Primary Interest
Heart failure
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Salvatore Pepe


Assoc/Prof. Salvatore Pepe is a clinical scientist who leads the Molecular & Cellular Cardiology Laboratory in the Heart Research Group (Clinical Sciences Theme) at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI) and is a clinical research manager in the Department of Cardiology, Royal Children's Hospital.

After initially training in clinical pharmacology and completing a doctorate in cardiovascular physiology he undertook four years post-doctoral training (NIH Fogarty Postdoctoral Fellow) at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Bayview Campus, Baltimore, USA, in the NIH, National Institute on Aging Intramural Research Program (Cardiovascular Science).

Previous to working at Melbourne Children's Campus he was Head of the Cardiothoracic Surgical Research Laboratory, (Dept of Cardiothoracic Surgery), at the Alfred Hospital, and Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Department of Surgery (Alfred), Monash University, Melbourne, involved in clinical trial and laboratory research focused on cellular and mitochondrial processes in heart failure, transplantation, and cardiopulmonary bypass surgery.

Working with cardiac surgery, cardiology and intensive care clinicians, Dr Pepe's work is focused on cardiovascular complications arising from congenital and acquired heart and lung disorders, premature birth and surgical interventions.

The emphasis of the research effort is to translate new understanding of disease mechanisms and novel therapeutic agents to clinical use. Currently he is investigating the safety and efficacy of cord blood stem cell therapy as an adjunct to cardiopulmonary bypass surgery in children with severe heart malformations (i.e. hypoplastic left heart syndrome) or with cardiomyopathy. The research program over the past decade spans from in vitro and in vivo laboratory studies to clinical trials.

A/Prof Pepe has served NHMRC, NHF and ARC as a panel member and external reviewer, and is an invited reviewer for numerous medical and scientific journals. Currently he is an Associate Editor of Heart Lung and Circulation (Elsevier) and Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology (Wiley), and also an editorial board member of the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology (Elsevier) and Heliyon (Elsevier). He is Past-President of the International Society for Heart Research and in 2016 was awarded the ISHR Distinguished Leader Award.

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International Society for Heart Research Distinguished Leader Award 2016

International Society for Heart Research (World Body)


FCSANZ - Fellow of the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand


FSGC - Fellow of the Society for Gerontological Cardiology


FAHA - Fellow of the American Heart Association






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