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Daniel Bird

Anatomy And Neuroscience
Glucocorticoid Receptor and CREB signalling
ProRenin Receptor
FGF and WNT signalling
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Daniel Bird

Medicine, Dentistry And Health Sciences
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Mammalian gonadal development and sex determination
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Daniel Bird


Dr Bird is an expert developmental biologist and endocrinologist with >15 years’ experience in the generation and phenotypic analysis of transgenic and knockout mouse models for elucidating complex developmental and endocrine mechanisms. His initial PhD and postdoctoral studies at Monash University, Melbourne, led to seminal work demonstrating how glucocorticoid steroid hormone signalling via the mesenchymal Glucocorticoid Receptor is required for lung maturation and survival at birth in mammals.

For this publication, he received the Endocrine Society of Australia (ESA) Servier Young Investigator Award. Similar work by Dr Bird was the first to reveal that molecular signalling via CREB in non-respiratory tissues is also required for lung maturation . Dr Bird was also the first to characterise a novel 11-beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzyme (11 b HSD1-like) to demonstrate its involvement as a reproductive hormone modulator.

In later studies with Prof Vincent Harley at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research, involving testicular development and DSD mechanisms (2016-ongoing), he has focused on investigating the function of FGF9, FGFR2, ATRX and the ProRenin Receptor in gonadal development and how gene mutations in these factors lead to DSD and/or infertility in humans. Of note, Dr Bird recently showed that the FGF9 signalling required for testicular development acts via FGFR2c and represses the ovarian FOXL2 pathway. This publication was selected as the feature article for Endocrinology in 2017, and its is summarised in a Youtube video ( Dr Bird is now working with Dr Dagmar Wilhelm, to understand the function of ProRenin Receptor signalling in gonadal development.

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