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Cuc Nguyen

Senior Research Fellow
Melbourne Graduate School Of Education
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surveys and questionnaires
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Cuc Nguyen

Melbourne Graduate School Of Education
Primary Interest
Educational measurement; Item response modeling; Multivariate and multilevel analysis
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Cuc Nguyen


Dr Nguyen has worked with the Assessment Research Centre in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne since 2003.
She has extensive experience in large-scale survey design, with particular expertise in sampling design, instrument development, data management and data analysis.

Dr Nguyen is responsible for designing the national sample of primary school teachers in Vietnam for the World Bank Project on Primary School Quality. Dr Nguyen is skilled in the development and validation of instruments for measuring competencies, application of Item Response Theory, Structural Equation Modelling and Multi-level Modelling. In different capacities she has been involved in a number a national and international projects, including Aspiring Principals’ Capstone Assessment Process for the Victorian Department of Education and Training, Evaluation of External Assessment Trials for the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA), the Philippines LearnARMM project, E4Kids Australia, the Victorian Regional Network Evaluation, the Vietnam Year 5 Assessment, and the Vietnam Primary School Teacher Development Project.

She has taught highly specialised postgraduate subjects in assessment and quantitative methods, including Quantitative Methods, Large Scale Assessment in Evaluation, Scale Development and Analysis, Introduction to Assessment, Introductory Assessment Design, Statistics and Software in Measurement and Evaluation, and Projects in Evaluation and Assessment – subjects that address skills and knowledge in assessment design and validation for both the classroom context and large-scale surveys of student assessment.

She has extensive experience in designing professional development and capacity building courses in test development and large-scale surveys of assessment of student achievement. Her expertise in assessment and measurement and statistical analysis provides her with opportunities to work in a wide range of countries. She has been involved research, teaching, coordinating and capacity building courses for Vietnam, the Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Mongolia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan. She also supervises PhD students in the field of educational assessment and measurement.

Before joining the University of Melbourne, Dr Nguyen spent 10 years working on school curriculum and educational policies for the National Research Institute for Education Sciences, Vietnam.

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Honours, Awards and Fellowships


Melbourne-Asian Century Visiting Fellowship


Betty Patterson Commemorative Fellowship from the Fellowship Fund - Branch of AFUW Qld Inc


Endowment Scholarship from AFWU-Victoria


National Visiting Scholarship from the Australian National University


3.5 years

Melbourne International Research Scholarship


3.5 years

Melbourne International Fee Remission Scholarship


Georgina Sweet Fellowship from Australian Federation of University Women (AFUW)


Russian International Scholarship





Senior Research Fellow

Melbourne Graduate School Of Education


Doctor of Philosophy

University of Melbourne

Master of Arts

Victoria University of Technology

Bachelor of Education

Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia