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Peter Cebon

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Peter Cebon

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Peter Cebon


Peter Cebon splits his time between consulting and research.

His current research focuses on two problems:
• Corporate governance in the context of high strategic risk, such as when organisations pursue high-innovation strategies or environments shift rapidly.
• The managerial processes needed to deliver high-uncertainty strategies effectively.

His particular focus is on the integration of strategic processes, operational innovation processes, and work organisation.

Peter consults in both areas, as well as at the intersection of organisational design and innovation management more generally. Recent clients include CSIRO, Melbourne Water, and an ASX-listed corporation.

He taught innovation management and organizational behavior at the Melbourne Business School for sixteen years until 2012, and was a Senior Research Fellow there until 2016. Prior to joining MBS, he worked at Harvard University and an institute of the ETH in Zurich.

He holds a Master’s and PhD from MIT and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Melbourne.

He has published over 30 articles, teaching cases, and book chapters, and has edited two books, one on climate change, and the other on innovation in Australia.

He was a founder of Transport Informatics Pty Ltd - a start-up which aimed to revolutionize the transportation of people and goods through the acquisition, management, and application of real-time data about people, objects, and vehicles. He was a director of the Consumer Law Centre of Victoria from 1996-2002, and a director of Transport Informatics Pty Ltd from 2008-2012

Prior to commencing his academic training, Peter worked for three years for the Victorian government and as an engineering consultant.

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