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Jens Zinn

Tr Ashworth Associate Professor In Sociology
Social And Political Sciences
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Jens Zinn

Primary Interest
Interdisciplinary research strategies
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Jens Zinn


Jens Zinn studied Sociology, Social Psychology and Political Science at the University of Saarland and the University of Bielefeld (Germany). He worked at the Collaborative Research Center Status Passages and Risks in the Life Course in Bremen (1995-99), the Collaborative Research Centre Reflexive Modernization in Munich (1999-02) and in the ESRC priority network Social Contexts and Responses to Risk at the University of Kent (2003-08).

He joined the School as Associate Professor in Sociology in January 2009. Jens has founded a number of international research networks on the Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty (SoRU) within the European Sociological Association (2005) and the International Sociological Association (2006). In 2015 he was awarded the prestigious Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel award by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.
His research activities include a number of studies on people's management of risk and uncertainty during the course of their life (e.g. youth transitions into the labor market; certainty constructions in reflexive modernity; British veterans management of risk and uncertainty).
He led a collaborative research initiative 'Risk, Social Inclusion and the Life Course - A Social Policy Perspective' at the University of Melbourne and a research project 'Decision Taking in Times of Uncertainty. Towards an efficient strategy to manage risk and uncertainty in climate change adaptation' funded by the Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research.

Recently he has won an Individual Fellowship with the EU (H2020-MSCA-IF) to conduct a two year project "Understanding the discourse-semantic shift towards risk in the UK and Germany" at the ESRC centre Corpus Approaches to Social Science at Lancaster University.

Please find more information about publications and citations on Jens' Google Scholar profile.

Research interests
• Risk and Uncertainty (communication, perception, discourse, regulation, governance)
• Theory and conceptual research
• Historical Sociology
• Life Course and Biography
• Research Methods (methods combination in particular quali/quanti, qualitative longitudinal)• Interdisciplinary research strategies

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Honours, Awards and Fellowships


Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation


Alexander von Humboldt Fellow





Tr Ashworth Associate Professor In Sociology

Social And Political Sciences


The American Sociological Association

Convenor Of The Risk Societies Thematic Group (2009-2013)

The Australian Sociological Association

2005-2009 Founding Member And Chair Of The Research Network Sociology Of Risk And Uncertainty (Rn22)

The European Sociological Association

President Of The Thematic Group 04 (Tg04), Sociology Of Risk And Uncertainty (Since 2006)

International Sociological Association


Doctor of Philosophy

Universitaet Bremen

Diploma of Sociology

Universitaet Bielefeld