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Rebecca Ford

Senior Research Fellow (Values & Bushfire Risk)
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Rebecca Ford

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Rebecca Ford


Rebecca Ford is a Research Fellow concerned with social dimensions of forest and fire policy and management. She draws on psychological and interdisciplinary frameworks to study people and their interactions with forests and forest and fire management by observing aspects such as values, experience, social acceptability, institutions and decision-making.

Building on an earlier career in forest policy, her research is based in long term engagement with environmental managers, especially government agencies. Rebecca teaches in areas that reflect these research interests: communities and ecosystem management; social research methods and human behaviour and environment. Rebecca is a member of the Environmental Social Sciences Group in the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences, and is on the editorial panel for the journal, Australian Forestry.

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Senior Research Fellow (Values & Bushfire Risk)

Ecosystem And Forest Sciences


Institute of Foresters of Australia


Doctor of Philosophy

University of Melbourne - Burnley

Bachelor of Arts

University of Melbourne

Graduate Diploma of Computing

Deakin University

Bachelor of Forest Science

University of Melbourne