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Mark Quigley

A/Prof In Active Tectonics And Geomorphology
Earth Sciences
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Mark Quigley

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Mark Quigley


Mark Quigley is Associate Professor of Earthquake Science in the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne. Mark is an active research scientist with peer-reviewed scientific articles on topics primarily related to earthquake geology, active tectonics, climate change and landscape processes.

Mark’s interest in Geology stemmed from his love of the outdoors and a childhood desire to have adventures like Indiana Jones. Geology has enabled Mark to work in four different continents in some of the most remote locations on Earth. He has conducted research in New Zealand, Australia, Tibet, Iran, Mexico, Timor Leste, Antarctica, Canada, Thailand, and the southwest U.S.A. The majority of Mark’s most recent research has focused on the impacts of the 2010-2012 Canterbury earthquake sequence on Christchurch and the surrounding area of the eastern-central South Island of New Zealand. In 2015, Mark became a Fellow of the Geological Society of America. In 2014, Mark became the first scientist outside of America to be awarded the Geological Society of America Public Service Award. Mark was the 2013 Geoscience Society of New Zealand Hochstetter Lecturer and the 2012 Emerging Researcher Award from the College of Science at the University of Canterbury. In 2011 Mark was awarded the New Zealand Prime Minister’s Prize for Science Communication and the New Zealand Association of Scientists Science Communication Award for his work in communicating earthquake science to the public in the aftermath of the Darfield and Christchurch earthquakes.

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GSA Public Service Award

Geological Society of America


Prime Minister's Prize for Science Communication

Office of the Prime Minister of New Zealand


Fellow of the Geological Society of America





A/Prof In Active Tectonics And Geomorphology

Earth Sciences


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