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Frank Dunshea

Redmond Barry Distinguished Prof & Chair Of Ag
Agriculture And Food
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life sciences & biomedicine
agriculture, dairy & animal science
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Frank Dunshea

Veterinary And Agricultural Sciences
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Biomedicine and functional foods
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Frank Dunshea


Professor Frank Dunshea has had a research career spanning 35 years in farm animal and biomedical research. His area of expertise is in growth physiology and nutrition and understanding the interactions between the animal and the animal’s environment.

Professor Dunshea has focused much of his recent research on biomedicine and fuctional foods. Professor Dunshea’s research has an impressive breadth and quality and he has published over 750 journal, conference, book or technical articles. His research has had a high scientific impact. In addition, the results of much of his research have been rapidly adopted by industry. Professor Dunshea has maintained a balanced approach to research, combining fundamental with applied research, providing commercial and public good outcomes.

Professor Dunshea is a respected research leader in the pork and other animal industries in Australia including the Beef, Dairy and Sheep industries. Professor Dunshea is committed to ensuring that all animal industries operate in a responsible and sustainable manner and much of his work has focussed on improving efficiency through reducing inputs and outputs while maintaining product quality and consumer health. Current projects include looking at how to increase the value of grains, such as barley, wheat and sorghum, for livestock; the production of agricultural products to improve the health and eating experiences of consumers, regulation of growth and development of farm animals, animals as models of metabolic syndrome, animal and human nutrition and the effect of heat stress on health, welfare and productivity of farm animals.

Innovation has always been integral to Dunshea’s research and because of this he has been able to obtain biomedical research funding to complement his nutritional research. In recognition of this, in 2004 he was awarded the Daniel McAlpine Outstanding Achievement Award for Innovation in Agricultural Research for his biomedical and functional foods research. More recently, Dunshea was the 2007 recipient of the Minister of Agriculture’s prize for his role in reducing, replacing and refining the use of animals in research and in December 2007 was made a Fellow of the Nutrition Society of Australia.


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