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Rodrigo Marino

Professor Informatics
Melbourne Dental School
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Rodrigo Marino

Medicine, Dentistry And Health Sciences
Primary Interest
Oral health in migrant groups
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Rodrigo Marino


I have a dental degree from the University of Chile, and a Masters in Public Health from the University of Minnesota. In 1992, I completed a residency program in dental public health at the Epidemiology and Oral Disease Prevention Program of the National Institute if Dental and Craneo-facial Research form the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda (NIH/NIDCR), Maryland, USA.

In January 1997, I completed my PhD dissertation at the University of Melbourne.

I am Principal Research Fellow at the CRC-OHS, The University of Melbourne. I previously worked as a Senior Lecturer at the School of Health, University of New England (Armidale, NSW), where I coordinated and taught, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, courses in Research Methods, Epidemiology, and Biostatistics. I have also been a consultant to the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization in Washington, DC.

Since 2000, I have been successful in attracting 14 research grants, and two course development grants. These grants were to conduct research in the fields of gerontology, oral health, epidemiology, health promotion, higher education and public health, representing a total of over a million dollars. In addition, I obtained one publication grant. In the last ten years, I have (co)authored a total of 38 research papers published in national and international journals. All of these are prestigious Australian and international journals in the field of public health, dentistry and population oral health. I have participated in more than 30 international conferences.

Most of my research activities have been highly independent in their conception, representing new areas of work and, at times, the first, as well as the largest surveys of oral health in migrants ever undertaken in Australia. As such, my research work has expanded the areas of expertise, reputation and international profile of the organizations involved (i.e., University of Melbourne, UNE, Dental Health Services Victoria) in, for example, the fields of gerontology, oral health, higher education and public health, through new publications in selected journals and fostering collaborative research relationships with colleagues and researchers from other Australian as well as overseas institutions.

I established links between the CRC-OHS and several major research and academic groups in Australia and overseas (Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Greece, Hong-Kong, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, Thailand, United Kingdom United States, Vietnam). I am currently involved in several research initiatives with DHSV. DHSV is the main public oral health care service provider in Victoria. The purposes of these initiatives are to increase collaborative efforts to analyse existing DHSV data and put together research proposals. These collaborations have resulted in multiples joint papers, invited conferences presentations, research projects, capacity building activities, such as, courses and academic exchange programs.

I place great importance on the fact that my research activities have informed major public health policies, e.g., the establishment of the milk fluoridation program in Chile, which is the first program of its kind in the world. In addition, as a public health specialist, my research has also played a key role in informing community dentistry, public health/health promotion and gerontology courses.


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Professor Informatics

Melbourne Dental School


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