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Claire Maree

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Language and Sexuality
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Claire Maree

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Claire Maree


Claire Maree is Associate Professor and Reader at the Asia Institute, University of Melbourne where she is currently Convenor of the Japanese Studies Program.
Claire's key expertise lies in the linguistic analysis of identity and the mediatisation of language styles. The key themes of her current research are a) the reproduction, negotiation and contestation of identities in language, and b) the interconnection of gender and sexuality in everyday language practices.

Claire's third monograph, queerqueen: Linguistic Excess in Japanese Media. (2020, Oxford University Press) examines the editing and writing of queer excess into Japanese popular culture through mediatization of queerqueen styles. The book illustrates how a diversity of gender identifications, sexual orientations, and discursive styles are packaged together as if to form a homogenous character—the queerqueen. In a range of genres from conversational dialogue books to lifestyle television and animations, queerqueen styles are configured as crossing into popular media via the body of the authentically “queer male” whose “authentic” speech is produced spontaneously without scripting. Claire also contributes to the area of language education. She has extensive experience in the study of contemporary Japanese culture/society. She is actively involved in Queer Studies and qualitative approaches to language, gender and sexuality.

Claire is currently collaborating on "Thirty Years of Talk: A Panel Study of Kobe Women's Interview Discourse", with Prof. Kaori Okano, Dr Ikuko Nakane, Dr Shimako Iwasaki, Dr Lidia Tanaka & Dr Chie Takagi. This project investigates women’s life transitions and language use over 30 years, and is funded by an ARC-DP.

Claire is VP/President-Elect, International Gender and Language Association (IGALA) and Review Editor (Books) Culture, Gender and Sexuality for the Asian Studies Review. She is on the Editorial Board of Gender and Language (Equinox) (2011-present). Claire is past-Treasurer of the Japan Studies Association of Australia (2011-2013) and previously a member of the International Gender and Language Association's Advisory Committee (Past Conference organizer; IGALA6 Conference Chair). A graduate of UWA (BA) Claire was awarded a Monbusho Fellowship to research in Japan where she earned both her MA (1997) and PhD (2002) from the University of Tokyo.
Claire taught Japanese linguistics, multicultural studies and gender/sexuality studies in Japan (Toyo University 2001-2004, Tsuda University 2004-2010) before joining the University of Melbourne in January 2011.

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Associate Professor In Japanese

Asia Institute


International Pragmatics Association

Member, Treasurer 2011-Current

Japan Studies Association of Australia

Member, International Advisory Board 2006, Chair Of Conference Organizing Committee 2009-2010, Executive Advisory Board 2011

International Gender and Language Association


Association for Japanese Language Education

Member, Editorial Committee 2006-2007

Japan Womens Studies Association


Japanese Association for Sociolinguistic Sciences


DOCTORATE (Language & Information Sciences)

Tokyo University

MASTERS (Language & Information Sciences)

Tokyo University