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Megan Munsie

Professor -Ethics, Edu & Policy In Stem Cell Sci
Anatomy And Neuroscience
stem cells
regenerative medicine
public understanding of science
professional ethics
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Megan Munsie

Medicine, Dentistry And Health Sciences
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Policy implications of regenerative medicine
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Megan Munsie


Professor Megan Munsie is the Deputy Director of the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Stem Cell Systems in the School of Biomedical Sciences where she heads a research program in the ethical, legal and social implications of stem cell research at the University of Melbourne. As a trained developmental biologist, Megan combines her scientific expertise with a deep understanding of the ethical and regulatory considerations required to facilitate responsible research in stem cell science and its clinical translation.

For more than two decades Megan has been a leading member of the international stem cell research community. She has been instrumental in the development of ethical frameworks for the responsible use of human embryos in research, and more recently led efforts to reform Australian regulations in an effort to protect patients and curb the exploitative commercial provision of unproven stem cell interventions. Her research demonstrates the importance of interdisciplinary scholarship to gain greater insights into community attitudes and how such findings can be used to inform effective engagement and education strategies, as well as influence policy reform at a national and international level. Through this work she has established an extensive network that links leading Australian patient support groups and charities with scientists, clinicians, regulators, legal scholars and ethicists. She has authored numerous educational resources for Australian patients and healthcare professionals and regularly holds forums across the country designed to enhance community understanding of stem cell science. In 2018 she was awarded the Public Service Award from the International Society for Stem Cell Research in recognition of her public outreach and policy advocacy in stem cell science. Megan serves on advisory committees to organisations including International Society for Stem Cell Research, International Society for Cellular and Gene Therapy, Australasian Society for Stem Cell Research, AusBiotech and the Australian Academy of Science. Megan received her undergraduate degree in applied science from Queensland University of Technology before completing a Masters in Reproductive Sciences and Doctorate in Philosophy in stem cell biology and therapeutic cloning from Monash University. She has extensive experience in biotechnology and prior to working in the field of regenerative medicine, Megan worked for over ten years as a clinical embryologist in Australian IVF clinics.

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Honours, Awards and Fellowships


International Society for Stem Cell Research Public Service Award


The Australian Sociological Association Stephen Crook Memorial Prize for best authored book in Australian Sociology for 2016-2017





Professor -Ethics, Edu & Policy In Stem Cell Sci

Anatomy And Neuroscience

Member Of Presidential Taskforce On Unproven Cellular Therapies

International Society for Cellular Therapy

Chair, Policy, Ethics And Translation Sub-Committee

Australasian Society for Stem Cell Research

Chair, Isscr Ethics Committee; Chair, Isscr ‘Closer Look’ Task Force; Member Isscr Education Taskforce

International Society for Stem Cell Research


Doctorate of Philosophy

Monash University

Masters of Reproductive Science

Monash University

Bachelor of Applied Science

Queensland University of Technology