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Alistair Legione

Lecturer (Veterinary Microbiology & Public Health)
Veterinary Biosciences
Nanopore sequencing
Infectious laryngotracheitis virus
Koala retrovirus
Chlamydia pecorum
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life sciences & biomedicine
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Alistair Legione

Veterinary And Agricultural Sciences
Primary Interest
Viral and bacterial genomics
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Alistair Legione


I have interest and expertise in using next generation sequencing for the detection, classification, and investigation of animal pathogens. I'm broadly interested in the prevalence and the genomics of bacterial and viral diseases in wildlife, including pathogens with zoonotic potential.

I'm also interested in using next generation tools such as Nanopore sequencing for surveillance and discovery of potential pathogens in wildlife and livestock.

I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, and have been at the University of Melbourne as a student or staff member since 2005. I undertook a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Microbiology (2005 - 2008), followed by a Master of Science in Zoology (2009-2010), in collaboration with the Victorian Infectious Disease Reference Laboratory. My Masters project focused on Mycobacterium ulcerans in common brushtail and ringtail possums. I then moved to the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences and worked for three years as a research assistant testing a vaccine candidate for ILTV (2010-2014). After this time I undertook a PhD investigating Chlamydia and retrovirus in koalas (2014-2017) using molecular detection and next generation sequencing to compare infections in different geographical regions of the country.

At the end of 2017, I began a post-doctoral research project, piloting the use of nanopore sequencing as a tool for pathogen surveillance in Victorian wild birds. I am also actively involved with, or have worked on, using next generation sequencing to investigate:
- Using long and short read sequencing technologies to investigate ILTV recombination
- Genomics of Mycoplasma bovis in cattle- Metagenomic investigations into equine reproductive losses- Metagenomic investigations into Australian arboreal marsupials
- Bacterial causes of bovine digital dermatitis

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Lecturer (Veterinary Microbiology & Public Health)

Veterinary Biosciences


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