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Alfredo Martinez-Exposito

Professor In Spanish
Languages And Linguistics
spanish cinema
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Alfredo Martinez-Exposito

Primary Interest
Spanish and Latin American LGBTIQ+ Cultures
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Alfredo Martinez-Exposito


Alfredo Martinez-Exposito completed a PhD in Hispanic Literatures at Universidad de Oviedo and a postdoctoral stay at Columbia University. He joined the University of Queensland in 1993 as Lecturer in Spanish and the University of Melbourne in 2011 as Professor of Hispanic Studies.

He served as Head of School at both universities over four consecutive terms. He was President of the Association for Iberian and Latin American Studies of Australasia and held executive roles in the Spanish Semiotics Association, the International Association of Hispanists, the Cooperation Programme between the Spanish Ministry of Culture and the Australian National University, and the International Council for Contemporary Spanish Literature, among others. He is an Honorary Alumnus of the Madrid Institute for Advanced Study and a former Chair of Excellence at Universidad Carlos III Madrid. In 2008 he received the Cross in the Order of Civil Merit. In 2009 he was appointed Honorary Consul for Spain.

Alfredo is a world-class researcher with a solid reputation in the field of Spanish and Latin American Studies. Working mainly with literary and cinematic texts, Martínez-Expósito’s contribution to the Spanish discipline is in the areas of sexuality and nation branding. In the area of sexuality his work on the history of homosexual literature and film has been saluted as truly pioneering. His main intellectual contribution is a critique of QT as geo-culturally partial and as fundamentally inappropriate to explain Spanish metaphors of homosexuality. In the area of country-image and nation branding, his contribution consists of an analysis of the ways in which a powerful and highly successful nation branding agenda has impacted on large national film industries in Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Cuba.

His work has been extremely well received. Strong reviews of his books have appeared in the top journals of the discipline. Two of his books have been described as ground-breaking. ‘Los Escribas Furiosos: configuraciones homoeróticas en la narrativa Española actual’ (1998, second edition 2019) was saluted by US and UK scholars as a genuine innovation in the study of LGBTIQ+ literature in Spain. It was listed in the benchmark-setting ‘Historia Crítica de la Literatura Española’ as one of only three truly pioneering works in that area. His second ground-breaking book, ‘Cuestión de imagen: cine y Marca España’ (2015), has been reviewed by scholars in both Spanish and Film Studies as a highly original contribution to the study of national cinemas as a vehicle for nation branding. In addition, his co-authored book ‘Live Flesh: The Male Body in Contemporary Spanish Cinema’ (2007, with Prof. Fouz-Hernández) has generated numerous citations and highly positive reviews. Its success prompted Martínez-Expósito and Fouz-Hernández to continue their scholarly collaboration over the years. Their prolific association resulted in several conference panels, keynote presentations, and more recently a high-impact series of public tributes to the late film director Bigas Luna in Australia, Europe and the Americas.

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Honours, Awards and Fellowships


Honorary Consul of Spain in Queensland

Spanish Foreign Office


Officer's Cross in the Order of Civil Merit

Spanish Crown


Excellence in Teaching Award Nomination

University of Queensland


Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Universidad de Oviedo, Spain


Chair of Excellence Universidad Carlos III Madrid & / Banco Santander


MIAS - Fellow of the Madrid Institute for Advance Study


FAHA - Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities


Affiliated with the Centre for the History of European Discourses , UQ, Australia





Professor In Spanish

Languages And Linguistics


Modern Languages Teachers Association of Queensland

Representative For Australia And Nz In 2005

International Hispanic Association

Member Of The Coordinating Committee And Regional Representative (1988-92); President (2004-06)

Association for Iberian and Latin-American Studies of Australasia (AILASA)

Member Of The Executive Board (1988-92)

Spanish Semiotics Association


Doctor in Hispanic Philology

Universidad de Oviedo

Diploma of Education

Universidad de Oviedo

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Universidad de Oviedo

Advanced Italian Diploma

University of Perugia