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Robyn Schofield

Director, Environmental Science
Troposphere-Stratosphere Exchange
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Robyn Schofield

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Microphysical Modelling
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Robyn Schofield


I am a senior lecturer at the School of Earth Sciences as part of the Climate and Weather and Environmental Science programs at the University of Melbourne, first arriving in Melbourne in 2011. Since April 2017 I have been the Director of the Environmental Science Hub.

Our AIRBOX facility, with multiple University and Industry partners, is how we measure the atmosphere in lots of places.I have supervised 4 PhD completions, and currently supervise 5 PhD students, 1 MPhil and 1 Masters student. I am a Associate Investigator for the Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes. I chair the AMOS expert panel on Atmospheric and Oceanic Composition and lead the Melbourne Energy Institute's Environment and Energy Program.My current research interests are:

I have been involved in the atmospheric chemistry observations and modelling from various platforms and scales, from ships: such as the RSV Aurora Australis (SIPEX II ) also the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 resupply campaign involving (AIRBOX ) and the RV Investigator (Cold water sea-trials, Reef to Rainforest, CAPRICORN and Maritime Continent field campaigns determining the climate impact of aerosols) to personal air quality monitors.

I performed my PhD jointly at the School of Environmental Sciences at Auckland University and the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research at Lauder, Central Otago, New Zealand looking at the vertical distribution of BrO, conducting and inverting spectroscopic measurements made at both Lauder and Arrival Heights, Antarctica.

I then spent two years in Boulder, Colorado as a CIRES visiting fellow working at the NOAA Chemical Sciences Division looking at spectroscopy of clouds, aerosols, sulfur, nitrogen and ozone trends.

Between 2006 and 2011 I worked at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Potsdam as a Humboldt visiting fellow looking at Polar ozone loss kinetics and then a Marie Curie International Incoming Fellow looking at tropical tropopause layer transport of chemical species to the stratosphere.


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