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Caragh Threlfall

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Caragh Threlfall

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Urban Biodiversity
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Caragh Threlfall


I am a postdoctoral research fellow working on an ARC Linkage Grant. I recently completed my PhD in urban ecology at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, which investigated changes in micro-bat diversity in relation to urbanisation, landscape structure, and critical resources including insect prey and tree hollows.

My research interests include urban ecology, urban planning and landscape design, and the maintenance of ecosystem services and biodiversity in urban areas.

Recent Publications:
Hudson, L.N., Newbold, T., Contu, S., Hill, S.L.L., Lysenko, I., De Palma, A., ...Threlfall, C.G,... Purvis, A, (accepted November 2014). The PREDICTS database: a global database of how local terrestrial biodiversity responds to human impacts. Ecology and Evolution. In press

Jung, K and Threlfall, C.G. (accepted July 2014) Bats in urban environments. Book chapter in ‘Bats in the Anthropocene: Conservation of bats in a changing world’. Voigt, C. and Kingston, T (Eds), Springer.

Threlfall, C. G., Law, B. & Banks, P. B. (2013) Odour cues influence predation risk at artificial bat roosts in urban bushland. Biology Letters (9) 3.

Luck, G. W., Smallbone, L., Threlfall, C., and Law, B. (2013) Patterns in bat functional guilds across multiple urban centres in south-eastern Australia. Landscape Ecology. (28), 455-469.

Threlfall, C. G., Law, B. & Banks, P. B. (2013) The urban matrix and artificial light restricts the nightly ranging behaviour of Gould’s long-eared bat (Nyctophilus gouldi). Austral Ecology. (38), 921-930.

Threlfall, C. G., Law, B. & Banks, P. B. (2013) Roost selection in suburban bushland by the urban sensitive bat Nyctophilus gouldi. Journal of Mammalogy. (94), 307-319.

Threlfall, C. G., Law, B., & Banks, P. B. (2012) The influence of landscape structure and human modifications on insect biomass and the foraging activity of insectivorous bats in an urban landscape. PLOS one (7) e38800

Threlfall, C. G., Law, B. & Banks, P. B. (2012) Sensitivity of insectivorous bats to urbanization: Implications for suburban conservation planning. Biological Conservation (146) 41-52

Threlfall, C. G., Law, B., Penman, T. & Banks, P. B. (2011) Ecological processes in urban landscapes: mechanisms influencing the distribution and activity of insectivorous bats. Ecography (34) 814-826

Threlfall, C.G, Jolley, D. F., Evershed, N, Goldingay, R, and Buttemer, W.A (2008) Do Green and Golden Bell Frogs (Litoria aurea) occupy habitats with fungicidal properties? Australian Zoologist 34 (3), 350-360

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