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Adrian Hearn

Professor In Latin American Studies
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Adrian Hearn

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Adrian Hearn


Professor Adrian Hearn is an anthropologist who researches the cultural challenges and opportunities arising from international relations. What can Chinese, Latin American, and Australian cities teach each other about sustainable food production and consumption?

How is the growing number of Cuban and Cuban-trained health workers impacting welfare outcomes in the Pacific Islands? How are growing Chinese migrant communities contributing to Latin American economic development and globalization? How is the Trans-Pacific Partnership perceived by publics in signatory countries, and non-signatories like China?

Adrian has explored these questions with funding from the Australian Research Council (ARC), the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), the Council on Australia-Latin America Relations (COALAR), the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, AusAID, and others. Adopting an ethnographic approach to international relations has allowed him to study cultural convergences/divergences, economic development, and approaches to transparency and technology transfer from the ground up. Having lived in the United States for eleven years, Latin America for four years, and China for one year, Adrian welcomes applications from national and international students seeking Masters or PhD supervision on these and related topics.

In addition to his academic work, Adrian runs a multicultural arts project called Suns of Mercury, which brings together musicians from the Americas, Asia, Australia, and elsewhere to blend folkloric traditions with emerging styles. Connect via the below links:

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Professor In Latin American Studies

Languages And Linguistics

Chair, Section For Asia And The Americas

Latin American Studies Association (LASA)


Dr of Anthropology

La Trobe University

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