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Hernan Cuervo

Associate Professor
Melbourne Graduate School Of Education
social sciences
longitudinal studies
rural education
education & educational research
social justice
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Hernan Cuervo

Melbourne Graduate School Of Education
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Hernan Cuervo


Hernan Cuervo is an Associate Professor in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE) and Deputy Director of the Youth Research Centre, at the University of Melbourne. His research interests are located in the fields of sociology of youth, education studies, rural education and theory of justice.

Hernan’s research program is built around the project of addressing equity and social justice for young people, with a particular focus on rural education, spanning the disciplines of youth studies, education research and rural studies. In over a hundred publications and presentations, he has contributed to academic debates on youth transitions, with a particular attention to the intersection of ideas and practices of aspirations and belonging for rural youth, and on the application of theory of justice to the experiences of rural students, teachers and schools. Hernan contributes to the Melbourne Graduate School of Education teaching program by coordinating and lecturing in the Master of Education, Master of Teaching, the Graduate Certificate of Education Research and at an undergraduate level in the University of Melbourne Breadth subjects. He has conducted several research and policy projects for national and international government agencies. He is a regular speaker at industry-based professional conferences and a media commentator in radio, print and digital outlets. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Applied Youth Studies (Springer). His latest authored and co-edited books are: 'Understanding Social Justice in Rural Education (Palgrave); 'Youth and the New Adulthood: Generations of Change' (co-editor - Springer); and 'Youth, Inequality and Social Change in the Global South' (Springer).

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MGSE Research Mentor Excellence Award


Dissertation Recognition Award, American Education Research Association (AERA)





Associate Professor

Melbourne Graduate School Of Education

Member Of The 'Social Justice', 'Sociology Of Education', 'Rural Education' Working Groups.

Australian Association for Research in Education

Member Of The Research Committee 34 'Socilogy Of Youth' & Rc 04 ' Sociology Of Education'.

International Sociological Association

Board Member Of The Organization Red Comunidades Rurales, Argentina.

Red Comunidades Rurales

Member Of The Sigs 'Critical Educators For Social Justice', 'Adolescence And Youth Development', 'Rural Education.

American Educational Research Association



University of Melbourne


University of Buenos Aires