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Claire Tanner

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
stem cells
social sciences
science & technology
life sciences & biomedicine
biomedical social sciences
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Claire Tanner

Medicine, Dentistry And Health Sciences
Primary Interest
Sociology Of Health And Illness; The Body And Biopolitics; Health Narratives; Qualitative Methods; Health/Medical Decision-Making
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Claire Tanner


Dr Claire Tanner is a health sociologist and post-doctoral research fellow in the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience at the University of Melbourne. Her research focuses on the sociology of science, the body and health.

Before commencing work at The University of Melbourne Claire was a Lecturer in Sociology in the School of Social Sciences at Monash University, where she was awarded her Doctorate in 2011. Since the award of her Doctorate Claire has worked on a number of large-scale Australian Research Council-funded research projects including on stem cell tourism; childhood obesity; alcohol use and mental health. A central theme connecting these projects is a focus on how ‘healthy’ and ‘sick’ bodies are constituted (ie. through science, consumer culture, the media, biotechnologies, public health policies and medical treatments) in ways that define, imagine and produce individual and social selves, and mediate health experiences. Claire’s current work program involves qualitative research projects specifically around stem cell science that generate insights into the mechanisms that produce harm and increase inequities for subjects in different health contexts. A particular focus is on enhancing understanding of the experiences of people living or caring for people with serious health and medical conditions, and the people, interventions and/or technologies they turn to for help. This work aims to identify barriers to effective support in different healthcare populations and to enhance understanding of the interconnected ways relationships, expectations and understandings impact on health and medical decision-making. Claire’s work aims to contribute to the development of more effective and ethical policy and regulatory interventions and healthcare services to directly support people, families and carers managing critical and chronic health conditions. Claire has published widely in the areas of sociology of health, illness and technology, and gender, families and food. Her first book, Vanity: 21st Century Selves (with Maher and Fraser) was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2013. Her most recent book (forthcoming 2016, Palgrave MacMillan) is entitled Stem cell tourism: Hope, expectations and new technologies (with Petersen, Munsie McGregor & Brophy). Claire is a Chief Investigator on the Australian Research Council Discovery funded project, Children as health advocates in families: assessing the consequences (DP160100257 2016-2018).

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Monash University Dean's Commendation for Excellence in Teaching


Monash Graduate School Doctoral Scholarship


Doctoral Scholarship, Centre for Women's Studies and Gender Research





Postdoctoral Research Fellow

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