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Jenny Barrett

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Jenny Barrett


Jenny Barrett conducts research in medical education. She held the position of Senior Lecturer in the University's Department of Paediatrics, a Department of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences.

Her role was to provide educational expertise to undergraduate and postgraduate medical programs. In particular, her work focused on educating and supporting junior doctors as they become medical teachers and conducting research and evaluation projects related to medical student teaching and learning.
Her research projects were related to medical teachers' in new hospital teaching spaces and the roles played by professional actors/teachers in the simulated parent programmes for medical staff and counselling students. Her doctoral project investigated the ways that hospital-based medical teachers conceptualise teaching and how they think about themselves as teachers.
Recently, she has conducted research with medical students to describe a contemporary understanding of the notion of 'teaching by humiliation' in medicine. Currently, Jenny is involved in studies with medical students for both the School of Medicine and the Melbourne Poche Centre for Indigenous Health.

Publications 2014-2015:

BARRETT, J. SCOTT, K. “Pedagogical and professional compromises by medical teachers in hospitals”, ‘The Clinical Teacher’, 2014;11: 340-344

BARRETT, J. McCOLL G, YATES, l. ‘Medical teachers conceptualize a distinctive form of clinical knowledge’, Advances in Health Science Education, Volume 20, No. 2, May 2015

EWEN, S. BARRETT, J. PAUL, D. AGNEW, D. WEBB, G. WILKIN, A. When a patient’s ethnicity is declared, medical students’ decision-making processes are affected, Internal Medicine Journal, May 2015.

BARRETT, J. SCOTT, K. “Constantly ignored and told to disappear”: A qualitative review of the literature on ‘teaching by humiliation’ in medicine, submitted to FoHPE 24 June 2014, May 2015

SCOTT, K. CALWELL, P. BARNES, E. BARRETT, J. Investigating the culture of ‘teaching by humiliation’ in medicine, Medical Journal of Australia, August 2015.

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John Smyth Award for most meritorious DEd thesis

Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne






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