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Matt Perugini

Biochemistry And Molecular Biology
Lysine Biosynthesis in Bacteria and Plants
Biophysical Characterisation of Biomolecular Interactions
science & technology
life sciences & biomedicine
biochemistry & molecular biology
crystallography, x-ray
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Matt Perugini

Medicine, Dentistry And Health Sciences
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Matt Perugini


A/Prof Perugini was awarded his PhD at The University of Melbourne in the field of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2002. His PhD studies focused on the comparison of the structure and function of human apolipoprotein E isoforms linked to common diseases, namely cardiovascular and Alzheimer's disease.

He also generated skills in peptide chemistry and the measurement of biomolecular interactions (e.g. protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions) using a suite of biophysical techniques, namely analytical ultracentrifugation, circular dichroism spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, and isothermal titration microcalorimetry.

Following award of the Young Biophysicist Award from the Australian Society for Biophysics and an Australian Research Council (ARC) Australian Postdoctoral (APD) fellowship in 2004, A/Prof Perugini moved to the Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute (Bio21 Institute) in Melbourne in February 2005. As a lab head at the Bio21 Institute, he co-established the Macromolecular Interactions Facility at the Bio21 Institute, which houses the most sophisticated analytical ultracentrifugation instruments in the southern hemisphere, including absorbance, interference and fluorescence optical systems. He has also developed skills in bacteriology, biodefence, drug discovery, enzymology and structural biology as a research leader at the Bio21 Institute.

In 2007, A/Prof Perugini was awarded the Edman Prize from the Australian Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and a multi-million dollar competitive research grant from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency in the United States. In 2009, A/Prof Perugini was awarded an inaugural ARC Future Fellowship and was promoted to Reader at The University of Melbourne based on his research. community service, and teaching achievements. He currently serves as Co-Leader of the Chemical and Biological Defence theme of the recently established Defence Science Institute in Melbourne, and is Treasurer of the Lorne Conference on Protein Structure and Function.

A/Prof Perugini's primary research program currently focuses on the structure, function, regulation, evolution, and inhibition of enzymes of the lysine biosynthesis pathway. He also collaborates with several local and international researchers as an expert in the measurement of biomolecular interactions. His work has resulted in more than 70 publications since 2002 that have been highly cited with a total number of citations in excess of 1.030 with an average of over 17 citations per item and a Hirsch index of 17 as of April 2011.


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