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Justin Bourke

Research Fellow Neural Bio-Constructs
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Justin Bourke

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Justin Bourke


Justin completed a consecutive science (1999) and biomedical engineering (2002) degree program at Monash University. In 2003, Justin joined the Monash Physiology Department to design hardware and software systems for neural electrophysiology, through which he developed a keen interest in training students in various computer programming languages.With assistance from an NH&MRC Dora Lush Biomedical Postgraduate Scholarship, Justin completed a PhD in neural tissue engineering in 2014, and was the first PhD student to graduate with a Biomedical Engineering specialisation from the medical faculty at Monash.

His PhD involved design of biomaterial scaffolds for functional neural cell culture applications, using electrophysiology to explore cell function.Justin’s current role at St Vincent’s Hospital and Melbourne University is within the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science, and involves design of functional synthetic biosystems for research into neural and neuromuscular disorders. Justin has developed methods for interfacing neural cultures with bionic limbs as a precursor to integrating prosthetics limbs with both the motor and sensory nervous systems. He has also developed a 3D neuronal networking model which produces network function akin to native brain tissue, which is being developed toward personalised drug selection for patients with neurological disorders including epilepsy.Justin has been on the Communications Committee for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science since early 2016, and is currently a member of the Executive Committee of the same ARC Centre. As part of the organising committee for the 2016 early career mentoring forum for the centre, Justin facilitated discussions on the SAGE Pilot and gender equity in research, and has since joined the Executive Steering Committee of the Women in STEMM, Australia organisation.

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Honours, Awards and Fellowships


ASBTE Conference Travel Award - $500

Australian Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering


ACES-SVHM Bionics Prize for Excellence in Neurophysiology Research - $3000

St Vincent's Hospital & ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science


ACMD Research Week - Oral Presentation Award - $250

Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery


Dora Lush Biomedical Postgraduate Scholarship - $74,055

National Health and Medical Research Council


MIEEE - Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers


MIEAUST - Member of the Institution of Engineers, Australia





Research Fellow Neural Bio-Constructs

Medicine - St Vincent'S Hospital


Royal Society of Victoria


Australasian Physiological Society


Australasian Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering


Doctor of Philosophy

Monash University

Bachelor of Engineering

Monash University

Bachelor of Science

Monash University